Automated Floor Cleaning Machine Solutions

An automated floor cleaning machine will (automatically) clean & dry your floors in one pass, keeping your facility floors looking great and your employees and visitors impressed, safe and healthy. Offering solutions to automate the floor cleaning process, we provide floor cleaning equipment, parts & service for such industries/sectors as: Automotive, Cleaning Professionals, Education, Government Institutions, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial Facilities, Pharmaceutical, Retail & more.

Automate the Floor Cleaning Process

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As you move away from traditional cleaning methods, & consider different automated floor cleaning solutions, it can be a challenge to find the right floor cleaning machine to help you clean effectively and efficiently, maintain health and safety, and lower your overall cost to clean. Not to worry! We are here to help solve your unique cleaning challenges with easy-to-maintain industrial & commercial-strength floor cleaning equipment.

What We Offer

Whatever your cleaning needs, we offer cleaning solutions that deliver effective cleaning results every time.  Our inventory consists of:

Automatic Floor Scrubbers 
Walk-behind and rider floor scrubber equipment with disc or cylindrical brushes.  These machines will use scrub brushes, water and a vacuum to clean the floor of light debris, dust, dirt, oil, grease or floor marks.

Floor scrubbers are a more hygienic alternative to traditional cleaning methods such as a mop and bucket.

Automatic Floor Sweepers 
Walk-behind and ride-on sweeping floor cleaning equipment (manual or battery-powered) will help you maximize efficiency while controlling dust in any environment – indoor or outdoor.

Automatic Carpet Extractors 
Portable & easy-to-use, our carpet extractors for spot cleaning, walk-behind and ride-on (large area) cleaning, are available in a pull back and forward push design, bringing you maximum flexibility to clean carpets in large or small environments.

Find a Solution for “your” industry with us! We have the right floor cleaning machine or carpet cleaner for your business’s industry; from high-traffic buildings to industrial facilities…we’ve got you covered.

‘Til next time, keep it clean!