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Floor Cleaning Equipment Guideline

What to Consider when Buying a New Floor Scrubber or Sweeper? Cleanliness is vital for your not only your health and safety, but also your company’s image. It’s one of the best ways to set the tone; it shows you actually care. Care for the

Automated Floor Cleaning Machine Solutions

An automated floor cleaning machine will (automatically) clean & dry your floors in one pass, keeping your facility floors looking great and your employees and visitors impressed, safe and healthy. Offering solutions to automate the floor cleaning process, we provide floor cleaning equipment, parts &

Floor Cleaning Machines Scrubbing/Pads

Floor scrubber pads are used on floor cleaning machines such as floor scrubbers, burnishers and strippers to buff, clean, polish and strip floors. The pads are available in a various of textures for a wide range of applications. Floors pads have more surface area contact