Floor Cleaning Equipment Guideline

What to Consider when Buying a New Floor Scrubber or Sweeper?

Cleanliness is vital for your not only your health and safety, but also your company’s image. It’s one of the best ways to set the tone; it shows you actually care. Care for the wellbeing of your team, your customers, yourself, and your reputation.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by incorporating a floor sweeper or scrubber into your daily cleaning routine. These floor cleaning machines are designed to make cleaning not only easier, but exponentially more efficient. Benefits of utilizing a floor sweeper or scrubber include saving on time and labour fees, reducing water consumption, increasing health and safety, even increasing workplace moral (that strange feeling of serenity when everything is clean and tidy)!

Floor scrubber

But with so many different brands, models, and add-ons to choose from; how do you know you’re choosing the right machine? The Priced Right Cleaning Equipment team knows how quickly it can become overwhelming. These machines are an investment, and with any investment you want to make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s before taking the plunge. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of creating a list of the top 4 most important factors to consider before purchasing any kind of floor cleaning equipment.

1. Size

The saying goes – “the bigger; the better”. Is that the case for floor cleaning equipment too? A lot of customers think that if their facility will allow it, a bigger machine is surely the way to go. They’ll get the majority of their floors cleaned in a single swoop, and the rest can be manually clean as needed. At first glance, it kind of makes sense. You’d be saving both time and money (labour costs, material costs, etc.). But are you truly utilizing your machine to its full potential?

Bigger is faster- but that doesn’t always mean better. It’s best to take in your entire facility instead of just looking at the largest area that will be using the machine. Does your facility have narrow hallways? Will you need to go from one building to another? How big are the entryways? Will you be cleaning around other equipment, or in tight corners? Once you successfully calculate the “maneuverability” of your facility, you’re one MASSIVE step closer to narrowing down the search for your perfect floor cleaning machine.

2. Power Source

There are 5 main sources of power when it comes to floor cleaning equipment; battery, cord (electric), propane, gas, and diesel.

Battery powered machines are usually the ideal power source as you can freely maneuver indoors and out without the need to be consistently plugged into something. The downside is these machines do take a good amount of time to charge back up. The general rule of thumb is “charge time = run time x2”. For example, if the unit works for 3 hours, it needs 6 hours to fully charge.

Propane is another ideal power source (especially in an industrial setting) as a majority of other on-site equipment (such as forklifts) also requires propane. This means your “power source” is readily available.

Gasoline and diesel are the least commonly sought after. Gasoline is not as popular as propane, but often the choice for outdoor cleaning (parking lots, outdoor venues, etc.) as it gives a longer, continuous run time. Diesel is commonly only used in extreme environments- such as severely cold temperatures (or what we in Canada call November to mid-June).

3. Cost

Budget is another quick way to narrow down your search.

“New” machines tend to mean more “bells and whistles” (which typically tend to mean more money). However, one could argue that “new” also tends to mean less maintenance and repair. Some customers are technology driven and like their units to have top-of-the-line features such as touch screens, self-maintenance checks/reports, and autonomous cleaning. Some customers fear if a machine is too old, parts will be hard to come by making their investment useless and obsolete.

Then there’s “refurbished” machines. Some describe “refurbished” a pretty word used to mask something old and used. Which is an understandable concern- who knows how the previous operator used and maintained his machine? The best way to explain this misconception and properly define the word (at least by our definition) is with the following analogy: “Just because the walls of a house are tattered and broken, doesn’t mean the foundation is. Rip out the rot and replace key elements; your home is as good as new.” This might not be everyone’s definition, but it’s the Priced Right Cleaning Equipment definition. When we begin refurbishing a machine, we’re strictly using it as a shell. We install new batteries, skirts, hoses, filters, brushes/pad drivers, cables, gaskets, fresh coat of paint- the list goes on for miles.

But at the end of the day, it’s a question only you can answer. What’s going to be the most productive, efficient and ultimately ideal machine for you and your facility’s needs?

4. Maintenance

Similar to other machinery, floor cleaning machines require routine maintenance. This is essential if you want your machine to have a longer run life (and a higher value should you choose to sell or trade-in/upgrade your unit in the future). The cost of maintenance varies from unit to unit (usually because of the make/model), so it’s crucial to consider and budget for preventive maintenance PRIOR to purchasing your floor scrubber/ sweeper. Regular maintenance will also help stop minor issues from becoming major ones. This will be inexplicably valuable as it will save you on costly repairs down the line.

We hope this guide was a helpful starting point in your floor cleaning equipment journey. That being said, we know it can still be overwhelming to narrow down what kind of floor cleaning machine is going to be the right fit for you (especially when every facility has their own unique cleaning needs). That’s why the Priced Right Cleaning Equipment team makes it our mission to help you connect the dots and find you your perfect floor cleaning machine.

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