Floor Cleaning Machines Scrubbing/Pads

Floor scrubber pads are used on floor cleaning machines such as floor scrubbers, burnishers and strippers to buff, clean, polish and strip floors. The pads are available in a various of textures for a wide range of applications. Floors pads have more surface area contact than a brush, making them ideal for removing messes from smooth floor applications. Furthermore, they are highly effective when used on smooth floors that have a finish or coating on them, as the dirt and soils stay on top of the coating and out of the pores in the floors surface. Often found in grocery and retail locations, since using floor pads results in a superior shine on waxed/finished floors.

Let’s take a look at the most commonly used pads and their applications: Red – This is the most commonly used pad, designed for daily use to scrub, clean and remove light dirt and scuff marks and may also be used for mildly aggressive daily spray buffing. Blue – This pad is designed for heavy duty scrubbing, ideal for removing dirt and scuff marks from soiled floors prior to re-coating. Green – Aggressive pad used for heavy-duty wet scrubbing or light stripping, designed to remove dirt from heavily soiled, uneven, floors and get into deep grout lines.

White – Extra fine pad used for light cleaning and polishing floors, ideal for dry or light water mist to produce a high gloss look on soft finish floors.Hog Hair – Aggressive burnishing pad used on hard and worn finishes, high-content natural fiber, removes scuffs and marks while shinning floors. Black – Most aggressive pad available, designed for heavy-duty wet stripping, aggressively removes wax, dirt, finish, etc. Brown – Aggressive pad, designed for stripping uneven floors, removes dirt and old finish build-up, cleans down to original surface, for wet or dry stripping.

Floor pads are inexpensive, readily available and easy to install on your machine. Remember to check your floor pads prior to each use to make sure there is no debris, dirt or substance (oil, grease, chemicals, etc.) in or on them that could damage the floor. Also remember you can flip your pads and use both sides before throwing them out.

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